One of the easiest ways to breathe life back into a tired or dull room is to cover it with a fresh coat of paint. If you’ve decided to sell your house in Austin or you’re reviving your family’s home, determining the best paint color for your house will help boost the sell price and create an entirely new atmosphere.

Zillow analyzed more than 32,000 photos of sold properties and concluded which paint colors can boost your home’s value. The study considered the home’s age, square footage, date and location of the sell, and then compared the purchase price of homes with colorful walls to those painted white. It turns out, color can affect your home’s sell price – for the better or worse – depending on the hue.

Front door

The right curb appeal will bring in potential buyers and a distinct front door color has the power to lure in house hunters. The study found that painting your home’s front door charcoal gray or navy blue can boost the overall value by more than $1,500.


The new neutral for the exterior of your home is light gray or beige. Buyers are steering clear of the sterile white exteriors to turn to calm, welcoming color. In fact, on average buyers paid $1,526 more for the “greige” color compared to white.


In 2016, buyers were paying top dollar for a yellow kitchen, but that trend has set and house hunters are now searching for a light blue or gray hue. Paint your kitchen the bluish-gray color to create a calming environment and buyers will pay you an additional $1,809 for your home.

Living room

House hunters want a living room that feels like home, so avoid the white walls and go for a light beige, pale taupe or oatmeal. The relaxing neutrals give a live-in feel compared to the standard white. Not only will buyers be able to envision their family in your home, but they’ll pay you $1,809 more on average!


After a long day, the bedroom is a safe-haven. Paint the bedroom walls a light or cadet blue to create a calm feeling. The hue will bring in a premium of $1,856 more on your home sell.

Dining room

The blue hues continue into the living room and add an increased value of $1,926 on average. Buyers are looking for a pale gray blue or slate blue for their dinner setting. Pair navy blue with white shiplap for a country chic feel.


Paint your bathroom powder blue or periwinkle to get the biggest return on your investment. Buyers who feel comfortable in the powder room will pay $5,440 more for a home.

While color can add value to your home, the wrong hue can also be a major deterrent for buyers. Ranging from a few hundred dollars to more than $4,000, the study concludes that these colors can hurt a house hunter’s bid.

  • Blue living room -$820

  • Yellow kitchen: -$820

  • Medium brown, taupe or stucco home exterior: -$1,970

  • Red dining room: -$2,031

  • White bathroom: -$4,035