If you’re considering selling your Austin home, it’s likely you’ve researched the best time to list your home for sale. While nearly any real estate agent will tell you that home sales spike in the spring and summer months, there’s more to the equation than meets the eye. If you’re considering what your Austin home is worth and which month will bring in the most money, you’ll want to speak to a realtor about the particular dates you wish to target. You’ll need to consider Austin’s unique climate, among other factors, to determine the best time to sell your Austin home.


Just as more homes are listed for sale in the spring and summer months, the market is flooded with more home buyers. The change in the season – bringing in warmer weather – pulls people out of their homes to begin the search, but other evidence points to an increase in home shoppers as it relates to school schedules. When children are out of school, it’s easier for parents to find the best-fit home, especially if it could involve a change in school districts.

Home Sales By The Numbers

The Austin real estate market continues to grow with the average single-family home price increasing by 5.9% to $374,000 in 2017 compared to the prior year. In addition, more single-family homes in Austin sold last year – 30,059 – compared to the 29,569 that sold in 2016.

June was the most successful month for sellers in Austin in 2017. The average price for a single-family home in Austin in June 2017 was $405,387. On the opposite end of the spectrum, September brought in the least amount of money on average for a single-family home at $362,598.

If you need to sell your home quickly, May saw the quickest turnaround with Austin homes for sale, spending an average 46 days on the market.

Because of all the variables at play, it’s vital that you work with your Austin real estate agent to determine your timeline and desired list price.

Decide On Your Goals

Austin’s warm spring months and generally predictable climate means seasonality plays less of a role than in real estate markets in northern states. Austin’s real estate market sees more consistency with home pricing and time spent on market than in other regions of the country, like Boston or Seattle.

Your real estate agent will help you meet your goals, but here is a quick strategy breakdown:

  • If you want your home to sell quickly and willing to take slightly less than in peak money months, list your home in May

  • To reach the greatest number of house hunters, list your home in June.

  • If you’re ready to sell and want to hit the scene before the summer rush, list in March, where there’s typically the greatest increase in home prices.

Regardless of when you’re ready to sell, deciding the time of year to list your house shouldn’t be a huge battle. Work with a skilled realtor with whom you can share your timeline and desired list price.