The warm temperatures and willing buyers make spring and summer the most popular times to list your home for sale. While home selling trends vary by region, June is typically the peak of home purchases for most areas. If you’re planning to sell your home this summer, you first need to make sure your house is ready for the perfect first impression.

Repair The Obvious

Just because you know to jiggle the toilet handle three times after use or skip the second stair because it squeaks, doesn’t mean potential buyers will be on board with the quirks. It will benefit you more to make small, inexpensive repairs now rather than wait for a buyer to point out the needed work and produce an offer lower than expected.

Welcome With Spring

House hunters hit the market strong when the temperatures begin to rise. As we head into the spring and summer months, make your home more welcoming with enhanced curb appeal. Colorful flowers or a fresh, bright coat of paint on your front door will grab a buyer’s attention. Keep your lawn trimmed and green. Open your home’s window to let in fresh air during the early spring months. If you have outdoor living space, highlight the area with pops of color and blooming plants.

Make It Natural

Natural sunlight can make a space feel larger and more open to buyers. Take down the heavy winter drapes and line the windows with a light, airy panel. Before you begin to show your home, clean the windows to allow the sunlight to pour in and brighten the space with a fresh-cut floral centerpiece.

Word Of Mouth

During your next neighborhood mixer or bar-b-que, be sure to mention to your neighbors that you’re placing your home on the market. Neighbors often take a vested interest in who buys an adjacent property, so they’ll be willing to tell other friends or family members about the available property.

Amplify your storage

Buyers want storage space, especially in the bedroom closets. One way to get your home ready to sell is by clearing out all the heavy winter coats, blankets and boots from the closets. Reorganize the items that are left so the space looks roomy and neat. Same goes for cabinets. Keep them organized and clear of clutter to allow potential buyers to see the space available.

Professional Photos

After you’ve decluttered and freshened your home for spring, speak with your Austin real estate agent about bringing in a professional photographer to snap photos of the home. With 92% of home buyers using the Internet as part of their search, quality photos can play a major role in how many showings your property brings in. Let in plenty of natural light, highlight open space, unforgettable views, spacious outdoor living or high-end upgrades.

If you’re ready to sell your home in Austin, the Gunn Real Estate team is ready to help. With expert knowledge of the Austin real estate market and a custom marketing plan that will set your property apart from others on the market, our agents are dedicated to bringing in the highest offer and making your move quick and easy.