Joe and Melida Matthews

My wife and I worked with Chris a couple of times over the years, once for a rental home and one for a new home purchase. The new home purchase was the first for both my wife and I. Honestly, we were a bit overwhelmed with the amount of info required for new home buyers. Chris, with the experience that he has in the realty business, he was able to provide us with all of the info that we needed and several different options to actually make the purchase. He let us know about down payments and escrow and the different in a 15 and 30 year loan. Chris was always there as a guide and never pushed us into anything, which was really nice. The nicest part was that he found us the homes that we requested him to find us. When looking at the home, he never once tried to “sell” us the home. He again was there as a guide. If we had questions, he had answers but other than that, he let us make up our mind on the home. My wife and I actually ended up purchasing the first home that we looked at. We did look at a few more that night and then put in the offer shortly after. This was around 11:00-midnight and knowing that we had to move quickly, Chris took us to his office at midnight and we worked on the paperwork and the offer. There was some back and forth with the seller and Chris always knew the best way to counter, if we wanted to. All in all, the experience was excellent. What can typically be a scary situation was turned into something very quick and pleasant. We will always use Chris, whether buying or selling a home and also have recommended him to several friends!

— Joe and Melida Matthews